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Overhead Crane
Single Girder Crane
Product Introduction

EXCELLIFT single girder overhead travelling cranes are designed and manufactured with safe working loads up to 40,000 kg. Each crane is designed with a single girder resting on two end carriages at two ends that runs on the runway beams which are generally supported by the building columns or free standing columns. 

In this arrangement, the crane operations cover the whole space underneath with lifting and transportation of materials free from obstruction caused by the ground objects, making it a better choice than other alternatives like forklift.

Technical Parameters
Features/Advantages: Available for indoor and outdoor applications. Generally lower cost than the double girder overhead crane version
Lifting tonnage: 125kg-40 tons
Application scenario: All sectors that have supporting structures for crane runways and when full coverage of the working space is needed. Applicable sectors are: petrochemical, oil and gas, automotive, electric power, nuclear power/energy, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, paper manufacturing, shipyard, marine engineering, waste treatment, mining and other general industries.