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Hazardous Environment Crane
Explosion Proof Crane
Product Introduction

In explosive environments with hazardous gas and dust, the lifting equipment used should have adequate explosion-proof protections. EXCELLIFT provide full range of explosion-proof series of cranes and hoists that are designed and manufactured according to the IECEx (International) and ATEX (Europe) design standards with proper documentations and certifications. We have in-depth experience in explosion-proof applications and are able to design and manufacture excellent, reliable and safe explosion-proof products. This includes: overhead cranes, underhung cranes, jib cranes, manual cranes, as well as electric and manual hoists (including explosion-proof wire rope hoists and explosion-proof chain hoists), with lifting capacities ranging from 50 kg to 250 tons.

Technical Parameters
Features/Advantages: Highly efficient operation under hazardous working conditions
Explosion-proof zone: Gas explosion-proof environment Zone 1, Zone 2; Dust explosion-proof environment Zone 21, Zone 22
Lifting capacity: 50 kg-250 tons
Applicable scenes: petrochemical, energy, electric power, paint shop and other flammable and explosive working environment